Mygiftcardsite Register

Mygiftcardsite Registration.

How do I register my Mygiftcardsite Prepaid Debit Card?

Do I need to active my Prepaid Visa or Mastercard Gift Card before I can use it?

In general, all recipients of the Prepaid Visa gift card should register their card, but activation is not needed.

There is no charge extra charge for registering your card via the website or over the phone.

How to Register your Mygiftcardsite Card.

Visit The page will direct your to the login page.

Enter your Prepaid Card Number and Card Security Code.

Once logged in, fill in the rest of the information necessary to register the card.

Your address and name are the most important pieces of information, if you plan to make online purchases. All online stores will try to match the address on the card to your official shipping address, in order to make sure that no fraud is occuring.

Alternatively, call the Mygiftcardsite Customer Service at 1-866-952-5653 and register the card over the phone.

Why Should I Register My Prepaid Card?

The advantage of registering your card is that when you successfully register your Prepaid Gift Card, you can also use your card for internet, mail order and phone processed purchases, whereas without registering your card, you can only use the card in shops, restaurants etc.

MyGiftCardSite Visa/Mastercard Card Activation.

Will I need to activate my US Bank Prepaid card before using it?

No, the US Bank Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards managed by are all activated automatically upon purchase and may be used immediately.

Mygiftcardsite Register
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